Byram Carpet

| 02 May 2019 | 04:22

By Laurie Gordon
Walking into Byram Carpet might cause one to think, “Mama Mia!” The showroom is brimming with a plethora of carpet, laminate, luxury vinyl and hardwood flooring selections, and Mia, the effervescent German Shepherd, is waiting to greet you along with the store's owner, Greg Matthews.
The store was founded in 1976 by Matthews' father, and he took over operation in 1986.
“When you've been in the business as long as I have, you know what to look for as far as trends and innovations,” he said. “You also know that customer services is extremely important.”
Keeping customers happy along with attention to detail and education have been the keys to the store's success.
“It's so important to continue to take classes,” he said. “There are constantly new and better ways of doing things, new tools and inventive fabrics to learn about. It's so important to keep up with the latest.”
The business started up the road, where Elite Automotive is now located.
“We did well there, but needed a larger space for more room to show what we have to offer and more space to store inventory,” Matthews said.
Staying on the cutting-edge of flooring has included having been designated the area's only Mohawk Color Center Elite Align Vendor.
“Mohawk is one of the best known flooring out there,” Matthews said. “We met the dealer qualifications and are proud to be the retail outlet for the county.”
Byram Carpet also carries a number of other well-known brands.
As with any business, there have been ebbs and flows. Mathews said, “There was a time in the early 90s when manufactures didn't seem to care who they sold to. You'd even see carpet samples at some gas stations.”
Fortunately, independent retailers, such as Byram Carpet, retaliated and high standards returned to the industry.
“You want a professional when you pick out flooring,” Matthews said. “It's a big decision, and the proper choices, guidance and installation are key.”
Mathews makes the analogy to searching the Internet on a topic when it comes to selecting flooring.
“You can Google something and get back hundreds of answers,” he said. “Yes, you have answers, but it isn't until you do your research that you know which ones are the best. When it comes to flooring, we've been in the business for a long time and know what we're doing. We're about quality and precision.”
Customers are invited to Byram Carpet to make their selections and then Byram Carpet goes to their home and measures. Product is then ordered and installed to the exact specifications of the customer and the space.
“It's all in house here from start to finish,” Matthews said. “I make sure I meet each and every customer at some point during the process. These days, it's pretty rare to have such a hands on owner.”
Mia, the store's mascot, is pleased to announce a special on Mohawk All Pet SmartStrand carpeting between now and May 23rd.
“SmartStrand is a state-of-the-art rug that's a great choice for people with pets or children,” Matthews said. “It has high quality stain and soil resistance and is incredibly durable.”
As spring blossoms, so are home projects.
“Business is going well, and a lot of people are looking to update or retouch their homes with some new flooring,' he said. “Since 1976, Byram Carpet had been proud to serve the community offering great service, selection and quality.”
Byram Carpet is located at 223 Route 206 in Andover. Call (973) 347-4883 for further information.