Daniel Rafferty, challenger for Byram mayor

Daniel Rafferty (Conservative with Experience) is a challenger running for Byram Township mayor.

| 28 Oct 2021 | 05:37

I will use my previous experience on the town council and Lenape Valley Board of Education to hit the ground running to make positive changes within our town. I understand municipal government and the parameters that we must work within. I have been able to work with my fellow councilmen and board members to make improvements, as well as have a focus on cost savings.

If elected mayor I will focus on:

1. Transparency in government: We need to ensure that our community is aware of the important issues that affect them.

2. Customer service to Township residents: Residents should be treated with respect and responded to in a timely manner regarding their questions and concerns.

3. Collaborate with Verizon to determine options for improving cell service within the town.

4. Partner with Optimum to determine how to improve the internet issues, particularly with the increase in residents who now work from their homes.

5. Work with JCP&L to determine how we can limit power outages, as well as increase response time to restore service.

6. Determining alternative options for a town hall building that does not cost $5.5M, as well as allowing all town residents to vote on this matter, as opposed to the decision being made by elected officials only. Residents should have a say.

7. Explore options for bringing natural gas to the whole town, not just parts of the town.

8. Focusing on the infrastructure in the town including paving roads and other improvements.

9. Determining how to utilize shared services in more areas, which would provide for cost savings.

10. Ensuring our town is business friendly, not only to new businesses, but to our existing businesses. I will look to start a forum for all business owners in town so they can have a seat at the table.

11. Providing the senior citizens of Byram with a meeting place and ample stipend. They currently don’t have a meeting space within the town.

12. Being fiscally responsible.

13. Continuing my support for the Police, Fire, and EMS that serve our town.

14. Restoring open public budget workshops so that all residents can have a seat at the tabl.

15. Determining how we can support youth sports with the addition of lights on fields that currently do not have them.

16. The BARKS situation needs full transparency to the public. I fully support keeping BARKS in Byram Township.

I will not increase the burden on our taxpayers; I will strive to maintain current levels or to decrease residents’ taxes.