Gift commemorates class of 2020’s twists and turns

Newton. Class advisers for the Kittatinny Regional High School class of 2020 honored this year’s seniors with a pretzel commemorating all the ‘twists and turns’ of life, especially in a year that has become known for protests and a worldwide pandemic.

Newton /
| 09 Jun 2020 | 04:52

Kittatinny Regional High School came up with a clever way to honor its seniors in the form of a class gift which was hand-delivered by staff to each graduating seniors’ home.

The git was a large pretzel with the note: “So proud how you have navigated the ‘twists and turns’ of life. Kittatinny will ‘knot’ be the same without you. Congratulations Class of 2020!”

The project was coordinated by senior class advisers and Kittatinny teackers, Karen Ruitenberg and Traey Paparella and staff volunteered to deliver and was each given a drop off list. The gifts were delivered at the end of last week with all due “Cougar Pride” by the staff.

“I got to deliver some of these to some of the really back roads dwelling seniors,” said Kittatinny Regional High School teacher and Mayor of Stillwater Lisa Chammings. “So much fun to see some of our seniors and chat with them. I think the organizers felt my truck could manage those bumpy roads. The turning radius was a bit tight at times though.”

Kittatinny teacher and cheerleading coach, Sam Lupo, agreed.

“It was a lot of fun to deliver a little surprise,” she said.

In the middle ages, twisted pretzels were lauded as symbols of good luck and prosperity, according to “The Pretzel: A Twisted History by Sarah Pruitt. In an unprecedented time where seniors are seeing far from the norm, this class gift certainly epitomizes the twisted dough’s history of a wish for good fortune.

“Thank you Kittatinny High School for this thoughtful gift for the Class of 2020,” Lorraine Bickhardt a teacher at The Stillwater Township School and mother of a graduating senior posted on Facebook, “And hand delivered by staff. Thank you.”