Greco Fleet

| 16 May 2019 | 10:59

By Laurie Gordon
Greco Lawn Service and Landscaping has taken pride in providing consistently excellent results for clients around the area. With continued education in the field for it's employees and prompt and courteous customer service, Greco has been able to distinguish itself from its competitors. Now, with the passing of the owner's torch from Rick Greco to his long-time general manager Mike Patire, the business is committed to carrying on the impressive reputation its built and integrate new technology to provide customers with the highest quality of service.
Greco studied horticulture and natural resources then worked for a local garden center and went on to work for a local landscaper/excavator. He started his own business in 1980, starting with just a push mower, a pick up truck, some hand-tools and a lot of determination and hard work. Today, Greco has grown to consist of a fleet of vehicles, various machines, and a brand new facility.
“The company has been around for almost 40 years,” Patire said. “We plan on continuing to grow to serve the area with all lawn, plant healthcare, outdoor lighting, fencing, property maintenance, spring and fall clean ups and snow removal. We serve the entire area.”
Patire officially became the owner when Greco retired, in January. He graduated from Vernon High School and started trade school thereafter.
“I realized that I just wasn't cut out to have a job indoors,” he said.
Patire started at the ground level in the landscaping industry in 1997. He worked for several landscaping companies before joining the Greco team in 2004. Where he was responsible for the day to day operations of the company until assuming ownership. Patire is knowledgeable in all aspects of lawn and landscape care. He continually educates himself to ensure he is at the cutting edge of our field. He also holds a NJDEP Pesticide Applicators license with certifications in Turf and Ornamental plants as well as a NJ Fertilizer License. In his free time Mike is a member of his local Little League Board and coaches as well.
Greco Lawn Service and Landscaping can make improvements to enrich your home or business' appearance and sustainability. The company's experts can help you optimize the value and look of your property and implement improvements. Services include outdoor lighting, plant healthcare, premier fencing services, property maintenance, mulching , snow removal, fall and spring clean ups.
Greco offers reliable lawn maintenance and lawn enhancement services to create a beautiful outdoor setting. Mulching is one of the most beneficial and cost-effective ways to improve home and business landscaping. Not only does it help control weeds, it sharpens the appearance of the property and reduces the need for water and pesticides.
“The business had done so well over the years because of a knowledgeable and dedicated staff who take pride in the work we do,” Patire said. “It's hard to find good workers who take pride in not just their work, but how it reflects on the business. We have that in our employees and that's a huge part of our success.”
Going green is nothing new to Greco.
“We have always had a strong commitment to the environment,” Patire said. “We are constantly looking for ways to evolve in this area in our office, shop and field operations.”
Water conservation and water management in the yard is an area in which Greco is becoming experts. To this end, they are able to provide rain gardens and rain harvesting to clients who are interested in this. They have also installed a rainwater detention pond on their property and divert rainwater from their roof into underground seepage tanks to replenish the ground water.
Low voltage lighting is another area where Greco has made strides and has provided savings as well as added beauty and value for clients.
“We also have plans for adding solar panels to our roof to save on energy costs and we have a commitment to in-house recycling,” Patire said. “These are some of the ways that we hope to provide value and a sense of commitment to the earth, our community and to our clients.”
Patire said that he's committed to carry on the company's traditions and reputation while perpetuating education, for himself and his employees, about innovations in the business.
“When you trust your project to us you can be sure that you are receiving the absolute best customer service, quality and turn around time possible,” Patire said.
Greco is fully licensed and insured.
For further information or to schedule any job, visit: or visit Greco's Facebook page at:*F . Greco Lawn Service and Landscaping is located at 14 Park Drive, in Franklin, and serves all of Sussex County and beyond.