High on Life event on May 5 in memory of Joyce Bambach

| 18 Apr 2019 | 10:15

    BYRAM TWP. High on Life event on May 5 raises awareness of drug use.
    Joyce Bambach was very concerned about those addicted to drugs and the impact on their families, especially the growing use among our youth, well before it even became a national issue.
    It was always her goal to have an annual event dedicated to recovery and counseling. Bambach had reached that goal, putting in place "High on Life," an event that raises awareness of addiction and recovery. The first event took place in 2016 and Bambach's goal was to make this an annual event. Before she passed away from cancer in March, she began to organize the 2nd Annual "High on Life" event.
    "High on Life" this year, scheduled for Sunday May 5 at Wild West City in Byram Township, will be dedicated to the memory of Bambach. A familiar face for years on the local level, between her artwork and photography, and her many published photos in area newspapers, Bambach would be proud to know that her efforts live on.
    Through her photography of local sports, in particular, Bambach was connected to the young people of the area. She saw how they were affected by drugs, and wanted to offer and suggest to them that there were other alternatives. Bambach wanted them to know that you can be High on Life without using drugs. At the first event, dance, karate, yoga and Tanza (dance meditation) demonstrations were presented and local businesses donated free passes to events, horse back riding lessons, a plane ride, and a skydiving lesson as prizes.
    It was also important to her to raise an awareness for family members, to get them educated about drugs and drug use. Such as, What do you look for? How do you recognize that your child may be using? Where do I go for help? How do I get them help? Am I helping them or am I enabling them? Heroin use, she noted, particularly knows no bounds. It is not confined by age or race or social status. It impacts all levels of society. Bambach was invested - and determined - in trying to make a difference.
    The event will take place from 5-8 p.m. at the iconic Wild West City. Open donations at the door will benefit programs of the Center for Prevention & Counseling in Sussex County and Morris County Prevention is Key.
    "High on Life" will include music by Michael Cabot and also "Love more for Julius", speakers, handout materials, artists, vendors, law enforcement representatives, community support organizations, and fun activities & prizes.
    Wild West City is located at 50 Lackawanna Dr, Stanhope.