J.D. Griffo’s ‘Murder in Tranquility Park’ to be released on March 26.

| 21 Mar 2019 | 11:19

    Tranquility – At age 64, Alberta Scaglione, the protagonist of a humorous murder mystery novel set in Tranquility, New Jersey, is thankful that she unexpectedly inherited her aunt’s Cape Cod and millions of dollars, because now Alberta is starting life anew. Instead of winding down, she and her much-loved granddaughter, Jinx, with their quirky, extended relatives in tow, together figure out why a dead body fell out of a treehouse in a local park. “Murder in Tranquility Park” is the second in the Ferraro Family murder-series by J.D. Griffo, complete with Italian recipes.
    Editor John Scognamiglio and Griffo have been working together since 2010 and he says Griffo has endless ideas.
    “We've worked on a variety of different genres: gay romance, young adult horror and now, mystery," Scognamiglio said. "He’s one of the most creative authors I work with. I wish there was enough time for him to write all the ideas he comes up with."
    The author selected Sussex County as backdrop to his novel when he was visiting local antique stores.
    "I do antiquing in Andover," he said. "I saw 'Tranquility' and thought, 'what a fabulous name.'"
    Griffo was born and raised in Hoboken, lives in Secaucus, and is a New York University graduate, having also taken courses through the Gotham Writers Workshop and Playwrights Horizons.
    Griffo refers to Sussex County businesses and landmarks in this second novel in the series. The curious subtext of the novel is that wanting to cover up a murder is understandable, if the murder is committed by a loved one. Alberta, in the climax of the novel, states that she "gets" that covering up heinous crimes committed by a loved one, oddly enough, stems from love.
    “Working with J.D. Griffo on his Family Ferrara Mystery series has been such a great process," said Kennsington's Larissa Ackerman. "He’s a very warm, friendly person, and has a humorous personality that shines through in his books, especially in the hilarious character of Alberta Scaglione.”
    Murder at Tranquility Park is available in bookstores on March 26.