Jersey Shirts fits nicely into larger space

| 06 Jun 2019 | 09:17

    Jersey Shirts fits perfectly into larger space
    By Laurie Gordon
    After five years in a small strip mall in Andover, Jersey Shirts and Designs has moved up the road into a gorgeous house in Newton. The new venue affords Kim DeCarlo's business a large showroom, order space and work environment she said was overdue.
    “I opened Jersey Shirts and Designs back in December of 2014,” she said. “The previous owner was selling his business and I found it as a great opportunity to get out of the food industry. I had always wanted to own my own business and the timing seemed perfect.”
    DeCarlo was a waitress for 28 years.
    “All my life I imagined myself to be the one owning a business and although it took my 28 years to realize that I needed to make that change I am truly satisfied with my dream,” she said. “Someone once said 'a dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and handwork.' I am proud to say that I am the owner of my own business by chasing my lifetime dream. It is a satisfying feeling when I am able to help others and make them happy.”
    Her business blossomed over the years to the point where she'd outgrown the original location.
    “Now I have a much larger space that I own, rather than rent,” DeCarlo said. “Everyone is happy about the move.”
    The new location has helped an already booming business grow even more.
    “The new location has much easier access in and out,” DeCarlo said. “There is more parking and a large showroom where I am able to completely display my apparel. There is also more exposure at this location.”
    Jersey Shirts and Designs' biggest clients include schools and local businesses.
    “However, I love helping out any customer regardless of the size of their order,” she said.
    A lot of people do not know that the business offers embroidery.
    “There are also customers who don't know that I do work on safety clothing, jackets, aprons, chef coats, and headbands,” she said. “I have access to pretty much anything someone would need as far as apparel goes.”
    Over the years, DeCarlo said her biggest challenges have been customers transitioning from the previous owner and having to put their trust in someone they did not know.
    “My biggest reward would be when my customers are completely happy with the products and refer my business to other people,” she said.
    Jersey Shirts and Designs does both large and small orders and bends over backwards to help please customers.
    “I am very grateful for all of my loyal customers,” DeCarlo said. “I am very fortunate to love what I do and enjoy coming to work everyday.”
    Jersey Shirts and Designs is located at 473 US-206 in Newton. For information, stop by or call 973-219-5691. The company's web site and you can find Jersey Shirts and Designs on Facebook and Instagram.