Little Chiefs Pre-School Graduation

| 20 Jun 2019 | 10:38

On a recent afternoon, the Little Chiefs Pre-School had their graduation ceremony for students moving onto Kindergarten next year. These students are apart of the Hopatcong Class of 2032. The auditorium was filled with families excited to see their little ones receive their graduation certificates. During the ceremony, students were able to showcase some of the skills that they learned during the school year including the knowledge of the days of the week, months and the alphabet. They also sang some of their favorite songs that they learned this school year. Mrs. Culcasi reflected on the school year with the pre-schoolers and high schoolers who took the Child Development course. She made a great point that not all students will go on to be educators, but the class helps all students develop crucial life skills. Ten high school students who earned Child Development Associate Certification were honored as well. The school congratulates everyone on an amazing year.