Local fencers competed at the 2019 national Fencing Alliance

| 09 May 2019 | 10:06

In April, young fencers from Andover, North Caldwell, Glenwood, Hardyston, Kinnelon, Little Falls, Montclair, Sparta and West Milford competed at the 2019 National Fencing Alliance (NFA) Cup at Little Falls Recreation Center.
Fencers competed in Youth Foil & Youth Saber boys and girls categories.
PAL Spartan fencers won: 1 gold, 3 silvers, 1 bronze medals and finished one 4th place.
April 2019 NFA Cup Final Results:
• Youth Boys Foil.
 Adam Mustafa (West Milford) - won gold medal.
 Santino Ronchi (Andover) – won silver medal.
 Atticus Zmach (Glenwood)- won bronze medal.
• Youth Girls Saber.
 Mila Valentin (Andover)- won silver medal.
• Youth Boys Saber.
 Benjamin Giralt (Sparta)- won silver medal.
 Griffin Brawer- (Sparta)- 4th place finish.
 In March 30, 2019, Allen Trudnos (Hardyston) competed at American Challenge East Coast Regional Youth Circuit. 80 fencers competed at categories Youth 14 Men’s Saber. In the early group stage fencers compete to 5 touches to win. After Direct Elimination (DE) to 15 touches (winners advance forward). Allen won all 5 bouts at early stage. Next round DE , Allen won 2 DE (15:5 and 15:7). In advance bout to medal round Allen lost 14:15 to Altirs Alexander (NJ) who finished 2nd place over all. Allen Trudnos finished 10th Place, his best results this year.
 In April 13, 2019, Allen Trudnos for the first time competed at Rockland RJCC Cadet Men’s Saber (fencers under 17 years old) at Purchase NY. He fenced well and after pools and Direct Eliminations (DE) finished 10th Place overall and qualified in NJ state to compete at the 2019 USA National Championships. He qualified to fence in two categories: Youth 14 and Cadet Men’s Saber (under 17 years old categories) . USA Championships will be held from: June 28 to July 07, 2019 in Columbus, Ohio.
 Due to great interest in youth fencing, during the month of August 2019 NFA will offer Youth Fencing Summer Camps for beginners & intermediate fencers at the Police Athletic League (PAL) gym in Sparta. For one or two weeks of fencing camps, NFA club will sponsor and offer free use of fencing equipment for beginner fencing campers. Due to limited equipment, registration will be on a first-come, first served basis only. To register, or for find more information about the National Fencing Alliance, visit the NFA website at: www.nationalfencing.com or call the NFA office at 973-910-3774, weekdays.