Miss Stanhope

| 27 Jun 2019 | 10:01

By Mandy Coriston
Stanhope Borough- On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Stanhopers gathered for the Miss Stanhope Scholarship Competition. The winner represents the borough at the NJ State Fair/Sussex County Farm & Horse Show in August and at various events throughout the year.
This is the fourth year of the revamped Miss Stanhope Scholarship Competition. Lenape Valley Regional High School graduate Faith Jenkins and LVR rising senior Isabella Granada, applied. They spoke to a panel of three judges, in front of a small crowd, which included Borough Mayor Rosemary Maio and some of the Borough Councilmembers.
Tom Romano, a council member, emceed the event, which was organized by Doreen Thistleton.
Following questions for the contestants and then a brief deliberation by the panel, Faith Jenkins was crowned Miss Stanhope. Jenkins is a dancer who participated in environmental clubs in high school. She will Towson University in Maryland this fall.
“I’m so honored to win Miss Stanhope,” she said with a brilliant smile, “I can’t wait to get out in the community and play a bigger role."
Whistling Swan Inn owner Rosalind Bruno was happy to invite the community to her establishment. The converted Victorian bed and breakfast has hosted the event since its reinstatement in 2016.
Mayor Maio said that Jenkins and Grenada “make Stanhope proud.”