New transportation service to Netcong train station

| 07 Mar 2012 | 01:29

    NEWTON — Residents utilizing public transportation have been confined to the perimeters of the county for decades, with the exception of New York City. But now there is a new bus link that will run along Route 206 from Trinity St. in Newton to the Netcong Train Station, stopping to pick-up or drop off at any of the 56 Lakeland Bus stops. For the $2 fare, passengers travelling to the Netcong transit hub can access buses and trains to go anywhere from there, and visitors can experience easy access to Sussex County. The fleet has seven new buses. Funded through the Federal New Freedom Act, this service is available to any and all Sussex County residents. Community feedback has been positive as the service is affording many residents options beyond transportation. This service expands employment options and affords residents the ability to defray transportation costs by saving gas money or reducing the number of cars in a household, thereby decreasing expenses such as insurance, maintenance and a monthly car payment. Residents can access the service or get further information by calling Skylands Ride Monday through Friday at 973-579-0480.