RDA Fitness serves community fitness needs

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:39

By Glynnis Jones BYRAM — So how’s that New Year’s resolution to get in shape going? Holiday feasts are over, another chocolate filled Valentine’s Day is in the books, and winter is still upon us. It’s a wonder we all don’t stay in bed! RDA Fitness in Byram may be the answer. Armed with a bachelor's in physical education, with a concentration on exercise science, and having worked in corporate fitness for eight years, owner Rob Austin took advantage of an unexpected opportunity and opened his own gym in September of 2010. “I’ve always wanted to help people feel great about themselves,” said Austin. Austin knows the best way to stay healthy is to sleep well, eat sensibly, and develop an exercise schedule that works for you. The benefits of exercise include ending or reducing the need for some medications, controlling blood pressure and cholesterol, preparing for and recovering from certain surgeries, and getting into great shape by losing extra pounds. A motto Austin believes in is also a healthy goal to strive for; Be active more days than you're not. With over 600 members, ranging from 3-month independent memberships to 1-year full memberships where Austin’s expertise is provided, clients range from children to seniors and everyone in between. Special classes are offered and childcare is available at the facility, making it easier for busy families to keep a healthy workout schedule. Byram resident Wade Reeves, 16, a Lenape Valley High School football player, works out every day at RDA. The sophomore makes leg presses part of his routine to keep himself in game-ready shape and is able to press a whopping 1,200 pounds. Chris Applegate, also of Byram, is a professional body builder who participates in annual competitions. He also makes a workout at RDA part of his daily schedule. “It’s a great environment," said Applegate. "Rob knows what he’s doing. It’s all top of the line equipment - everything you need to get good lifts in.” Debbie Solowey of Stanhope doesn’t train for football or body building competitions. She developed lung cancer and has had one lung removed. She makes the trip to RDA three times a week, usually walking on one of the many treadmills. “My lung capacity has grown," said Solowey. "I feel much better.” Alex Husarenko of Andover said, ”It’s an awesome place to come to before holidays like Thanksgiving. It reduces guilty eating.” Austin’s knowledge allows him to customize a workout for people based on their age and fitness goals. He made Life Fitness' (a workout equipment company) Top 40 List of personal trainers to watch this past September and RDA Fitness was nominated for the Sussex County Chamber of Commerce New Business Award. Austin has also given back to the community by organizing a fundraising event at RDA Fitness called Spinners for Dinners, which raised $600 for the Sussex County food bank.