RDA Fitness When going to the gym's as comfortable as going home

| 03 Jan 2019 | 11:35

When former police officer Phil Crosson heard that the gym that he belonged to on Route 206 in Byram was going to be sold, his first thought was concern for area residents. So he bought the 10,000 square-foot gym. Along with his wife, Barbara Crosson, who additionally works at the Sussex County Public Library Louise Childs branch in Stanhope, and now they own and manage RDA Fitness. The name stands for “repetition, dedication, and achievement,” because it’s their belief that with encouragement from staff and other gym members, along with dedication, anyone can achieve their fitness goals.
“He realized how important fitness is to a community,” his daughter Danielle Crosson said. She is fitness and public safety-minded like her dad. She is studying criminal justice, while deciding whether to go into prosecuting or becoming an officer. Meanwhile, she’s working in her parents’s gym, and it’s obvious that she perceives fitness to be vital to individual and community well-being too.
“Everyone’s very encouraging, and helpful here,” she said. “We want it to be like that: like you’re working out among friends and family.”
The gym has a lot to offer that is unique, including its “Fit for Duty” program, where active, police training certified instructors lead a 10-week course that focuses on Police Academy standards. So attendees not only get in shape, they’re actually training in similar fashion to police and fire academy training. She describes the program while standing next to a thin, light blue line, on a dark blue background in the large room where training classes take place by police-trained professionals. The thin blue line is a metaphor for police maintaining order and the sacrifice they make in serving the public.
The club has the largest workout room for classes in the Byram area, and it has ropes, very large mirror, uninterrupted space, and even a ballet barre. It also features intense spin classes, and from strength training to group fitness and spin classes, to nutritional guidance, to circuit training, RDA Fitness offers a full array of the latest exercise equipment, and locker rooms, all at a reasonable price, and with a comfortable atmosphere. The Crossons are all about meaningful help to members.
“There are a lot of big, box chains (gyms) around, and they prey on the non-gym goer,” said Phil. “We’re in a community shopping plaza, and we have a totally different type of clientel, and a whole different attitude. For us, it’s all about fitness, community, and helping.”
From Dragon Boat Races to support The Sparta Education Foudnation, to a May 2018 Cancer Fundraiser for the wife of Hopatcong Police Officer, RDA Fitness gives back and is all about well-being.
There are also special savings offered for senior citizens, and classes are beginner friendly while adaptable for advanced members, with emphasis on achieving the next level.
If already working out, but not seeing results, FDA Fitness can help out via personal trainers, who will provide motivation and accountability, or help train for a special event. As its web site states, belonging to RDA Fitness, is belonging to a fitness family.
RDA Fitness is located at 90 Route 206, #230, in Stanhope, NJ. To contact RDA Fitness, to make an appointment for a tour, or to join, call 1-973-426-1000 or visit the web site.