Saturday in the Park

| 20 Jun 2019 | 10:14

By Laurie Gordon
The band Street Hassle appropriately started their first set by covering Chicago's 'Saturday In The Park' on Saturday at the 25th Annual Fredon Day. The tune summarized all of the joy and sense of community that makes up the annual celebration.
Liz Pattermann, the Rec Commission's Chair, and the members of the Fredon Recreation Commission combined with the town's bravest, finest, and ambulance squad pulled together perhaps the best Fredon Day to date on Saturday. The event included new activities for the kids, including a bungee trampoline jump and more competitions. The event ran from late afternoon to a cap off with fireworks at its finale.
People sprawled on blankets or took a chair to hear the band while groups of kids wandered the park to enjoy the events and competitions.
Jessica Van Glahn was crowned Miss Fredon 2019, Sadie Brand was crowned Young Miss Fredon and Alaina Rittweger was named Little Miss Fredon. Brayden Ploch won the title of Little Mr. Fredon.
“Fredon Rec is a group of volunteers that get together every third Wednesday of the month and come up with events for the entire community,” Patterman said.
In addition to Patterman, Arne Olsen serves on the Rec Commission as Vice Chair, Chris Pattermann is the Treasurer, Jessee Pattermann is the Secretary, and members include Kristie Olsen, David Fontanez, Bob Wilson and Jeannettte Fontanez.
The day included the Miss and Mr. Fredon competitions, music, fun, games and prizes. The ka-boom of the fireworks was a welcome sensation to cap off the day, especially this year's sensational grand finale.
Unbeknownst to many, there was another grand finale at Fredon Day. After years of tremendous dedication to the Recreation Commission, Pattermann is stepping down, after longtime commitment and countless hours of service.
“I had a great time doing it and only wish the best to the rest of the committee,” she said.
With the success of the day, she unquestionably went out with a bang.