Senate passes Chapter 106 amendment

| 06 Jun 2019 | 09:31

By Mandy Coriston
The State Senate voted on Thursday, May 30 to pass Bill S3661, an amendment to Chapter 106 of the Planned Real Estate Development Full Disclosure Act. Chapter 106 has been at issue regarding local lake communities since the last amendment in July 2017, with organizations such as the Cranberry Lake Community Club trying to impose mandatory membership based on the statute. The amendment will clarify the definition of lake and homeowners’ associations, and will prevent clubs not designated as such prior to the 2017 amendment from using the code to force residents to join. The bill’s Assembly version, A5043, will need to be heard in the Assembly’s Housing and Community Development Committee, and pending a positive hearing there, will be given over to the full Assembly for a vote. Should the bill pass both houses, it will be sent to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy for final passage.