Small plane in a lake

| 05 Jul 2019 | 04:39

A Cessna C172 aircraft went into a lake after it ran off the end of Runway 3-21 at Aeroflex-Andover Airport in New Jersey about 1 p.m. today, according to the FAA. There were four people on board, all of whom were able to get out of the aircraft without serious injury before the plane became submerged, authorities said.
The plane was traveling from Harrisburg to Morristown Airport, but due to President Donald Turmp's Bedminster Golf Resort visit, flight routes were restricted, so the plane was instead diverted to Aeroflex Airport in Andover Township, rather than the Morristown Airport.
The plane is being recovered from the water now. The FAA is investigating.
There have been several plane incidents in New Jersey within one day, including a plane that crashed off the coast of Atlantic City, and wreckage found near a Somerset Airport. Check back soon for more information and photos.