Space Farms is open for business

| 04 Apr 2012 | 01:28

SUSSEX — Plenty of area residents came out to Space Farms this past weekend for the farm's opening day. Sadly, Khyber, the beloved male tiger, lost his battle to cancer in the fall, but there will be a contest to name the new male tiger, who is 20-months-old. You can visit the farm or mail an index card with your name of choice on one side and your name and address on the other. One winner will be chosen. Among the other new additions to the farm are two genets, which are small cat-like animals that look like mini-leopards with big ears. Springtime is baby time at the zoo with baby mouflon lambs that are hand fed and spend some evenings in Lori Space Day's living room. The trio are the first wild sheep from the Middle East to be domesticated. A female African lion that was hand-reared is another new addition to the farm. Timmy the llama greeted everyone with kisses on their way in, as is his custom. Coati, which can also be found on the farm, are cousins to the South American raccoon. They're used as house pets and for eating insects and small rodents. Space Farms has a museum and a gift shop too. The farm is located at 218 Rt. 519 in Sussex. For more information, visit or call 973-875-5800. For more pictures of opening weekend at Space Farms, see page 3.