Stanhope Public schools regular schedule Feb. 1

| 01 Feb 2019 | 08:44

Stanhope - The temperature in Stanhope this morning is 4 degrees, but Stanhope public school students are to report to school as ususal, the Superintendent's Office has confirmed. An earlier Township Journal article today incorrectly stated that Stanhope would be on a 2-hour delay. The article was quickly corrected, however, to be clear: While surrounding area public schools have a 2-hour delay, Stanhope schools will be open with regular hours, as usual, according to the Stanhope Schools Superintendent's Office.
The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management (NJOEM) reminds residents to stay warm, safely (follow manufacturer's instructions for portable heaters, make sure wood stoves are well-vented, use caution when using a fireplace), and to dress in layers. NJOEM also urge residents to check on neighbors, and to remember that pets need to be taken inside during frigid weather.
Check your local school district web sites, for the specifics on any delayed openings in your area, and for further information.