Sunset Vistta preparing for summer

| 02 May 2018 | 08:50

After a tough winter, Sunset View Farm is laying the groundwork for the upcoming busy summer season.
In addition to the manual prep, owner and farmer Linda Grinthal recently receive two grants for Sunset Vista Community Garden & Learning Center Inc., the non –profit entity of the farm.
A $500 grant from FarmTek will go towards a $1200 improvement for the high tunnels, Grinthal explains:
“ The high tunnel is a huge plastic structure that allows you to get a early growing season and extend the season too. Sometimes we grow our tomatoes on there or beans, it depends.”
The high tunnel measures about 70 feet by 30 feet and there are two end flaps that close off the tunnel to retain the heat. Sunset View has two high tunnels used for growing and also for training purposes at Sunset Vista.
“There are so many benefits to high tunnel growing –everything grows super-duper in there,” adds Grinthal.
Scotts Miracle Gro, perhaps a better-known company to the everyday gardener donated $500 to Sunset View Farm towards the Educational Children’s Garden. The money specifically comes from the Scotts Miracle Gro Foundation Grassroots Grant, and this is the first time Sunset View Farm has aligned with the company.
“We don’t use Scotts because we use all organic. But recently they are making organic products, and we want to encourage them selling organic soil and fertilizer,” said Grinthal. “ The money will go to enhance the children’s garden with a picnic table and touch pad.”
Grinthal is most grateful to both companies and the continued support of the community.
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