Superintendent Roundtable Award Winner

| 23 May 2019 | 09:03

Each year, Byram Intermediate School grants the Superintendent’s Roundtable Award to an eighth grade student based on academic performance, participation in extracurricular activities, and citizenship qualities. This year, the Byram School staff announces that the recipient of this year’s award, representing the class of 2019, is Hanna Reardon.
Hanna strives for excellence in all she does. Good grades are very important to her and she has been on high honor roll every marking period since 5th grade except for two where she had a B+ in only one class. Her favorite class that is offered at Byram is Mass Media where she can with friends make video segments that appear on the school news, the BNN. In second grade Hanna was tested into the S.E.E.K. gifted and talented program that Byram offers and she has been in the program ever since.
Hanna is glad to show her Byram pride by partaking in some of the clubs the school has to offer. She was involved in Drama Club for three years, being an ensemble member in Guys and Dolls, Anything Goes and Once Upon A Mattress. She was also a member of the student council as a student representative, ran track and played in the band. Currently Hanna is a member of the yearbook club and is helping to create the class of 2019 yearbook.
Throughout the year, Hanna participates in softball through Lakeland Little League and In The Zone Softball Academy. She also swims on the Forest Lakes Swim Team during the summer. Hanna was a Lenape Valley Girl Scout for eight years. She is active in Grace Church on the Mount and currently attends CCD classes at Good Shepherd Church in Andover.
Community service is something Hanna has always participated in. Even from when she was little, Hanna has helped the Lenape Valley Kiwanis Club with their food drives and other fundraisers. Hanna is also a member of Forest Lakes Club where she helps out with the 6 and under swim team. Hanna is also a certified babysitter and she often babysits her neighbors’ children. Helping out in her community has made Hanna feel gratitude for what she has.
Hanna is ecstatic to learn that she was chosen to represent the Class of 2019 as the Superintendent’s Roundtable Award winner. She is so proud of her accomplishments and hopes she inspires others to achieve the Byram core values: Strive for Excellence, Find Your Passion, and Be Kinder Than Necessary.