Sussex-Warren area energy aggregation cooperative exceeds $900K in savings for member residents

| 21 Mar 2019 | 01:20

    Stanhope - The Sussex-Warren Area Energy Aggregation Program is pleased to announce it has exceeded $900,000 in savings for the residents collectively. To date, the following municipalities have joined the savings program, Fredon Township, Andover Borough, Blairstown Township, the Borough of Branchville, Frelinghuysen Township, Green Township, Hardwick Township, Harmony Township, Hope Township, Knowlton Township, Oxford Township and the Borough of Stanhope.
    "This program saves many households hundreds of dollars over the contract term," Knowlton Mayor Starrs said. "We couldn't in good conscience deny residents the opportunity to save that kind of money. Give it a try. The worst that will happen is you may save a little money”, Knowlton Mayor Starrs said.
    According to Stanhope Mayor Rosemarie Maio, “The Borough of Stanhope joined the energy Co-Op in 2016. Despite some early concerns among residents about whether their electric service would be impacted, our residents are extremely pleased with the savings they have enjoyed. The collective savings to Stanhope residents, well over $150,000, continues to be a major selling point for us. The customer service staff at Concord is helpful and responsive to residents’ questions and, as promised, the transition has been seamless.”
    This program has recently been extended beginning in March 2019 for a term of 22 months, at a rate of $0.0886/kWh.
    Should residents of member municipalities, not currently enrolled in the program wish to join and take advantage of the rate reduction, they can call 866-688-5197 or visit