Workhorse Sports Performance is coming to the Township

| 16 May 2019 | 11:16

    By Laurie Gordon
    With the motto, “let success be your noise, Workhorse Sports Performance is coming to Sparta. Vicky Ziolkowski, of Wantage, is no stranger to the training business, and this new, innovative brand is her brainchild.
    Ziolkowski went to Wallkill Valley High School where soccer was her main sport. She also played basketball.
    “At Wallkill I received all county and all state honors for numerous years as a goal keeper,” she said, “I had been playing soccer since I was six and I was a goalkeeper from middle school through college.”
    Ziolkowski went to Bloomsburg University where she focused on soccer and was a goalkeeper. After college, she discovered the world of Mixed Marshal arts where she competed in MMA and grappling tournaments. She is now a volunteer firefighter and first responder for my town the Sussex Fire Department.
    She studied exercises science in college and it was always her goal to have her own facility. When the opportunity arose in Sparta, she couldn't pass it up.
    Ziolkowski had worked for Parisi Speed School for a a number of years where she was the Program Director.
    “Parisi has a great program and a great net work of coaches that have years of experience and knowledge,” she said. “I wanted to build my own brand but also have that knowledge pool to dive into. I feel being powered by Parisi allows me to have the best of both worlds.”
    The name came naturally to Ziolkowski.
    “Growing up as an athlete I always had coaches tell me that I was a workhorse and that I never gave up and that reignited with me,” she said. “There are plenty of kids who will work there tail off for you and I have always connected with those athletes. a workhorse to me is any athlete/person that will try there best and never give up and that's the type of training environment I want to bring to Sparta.”
    With Workhorse, Ziolkowski is creating a high intensity training facility.
    “Athletes from ages seen and up want my atmosphere to be positive and up lifting,” she said. “Creating relationships is one of my main goals. I want my seven year olds to look up to my high school/college athletes and be like 'wow' I want to be like them one day. Our older kids have a huge impact on the younger ones weather they realize it or not. Our older athletes will be positive roll models, and I believe this is something they can take with them even after they are finished with sports.”
    Ziolkowski said she knew she wanted to be in Sussex County as she grew up in Ogdensburg and she still resides in the county.
    “I worked for Parisi Sparta for four years and made great relationships with athletes and there parents,” she said.
    Many people were upset that Paris was leaving Sussex County, which it did a few months back to move to Wharton.
    “People don't know but part of what we do as coaches is make an impact on these young athletes' lives,” Ziolkowski said. “I genuinely missed the kids I was working with and got to know so well in Sussex County.I knew I had to go back to Sparta.”
    Ziolkowski coaches with passion, enthusiasm and purpose, and it's these qualities that are the building blocks of her new brand. Whatever your sport may be, being a Workhorse will make you stronger, faster, more agile and super determined.
    Workhorse Sports Performance will be opening in a few weeks at 540 Lafayette Rd. in Sparta. For information or to schedule an appointment, call (973) 579-2963, follow Workhorse on Facebook at: Workhorse Sports Performance, or find Workhorse on Instagram at: