New date is Oct. 23 for Winslow benefit

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:58

    Warwick, N.Y. - Winslow Therapeutic Center has rescheduled its Ride-A-Thon/Walk-A-Thon for Sunday, Oct. 23, at Warwick County Park. The event was originally scheduled for Oct. 9 but was canceled due to inclement weather. The community is invited to join in walking or horseback riding. Riding on the trails in the Warwick County Park is exclusive to the day of the event, providing a rare opportunity to ride in the 800-acre county park. The trails offer beautiful scenery and magnificent views of the Warwick Valley. Proceeds will go directly to the Alison Klepper Memorial Fund. The fund is a scholarship program that enables those who could not otherwise afford it, to access Winslow’s mental health programs. These include helping a child who cannot walk to sit on top of a horse and ride, or helping an emotionally disturbed child learn to trust. Winslow uses the movement of the horse as a means to heal body, mind, and spirit. Riding a trained horse that instinctively knows it carries a special passenger, lets trust and friendship begin. Physically, the movement of the horse strengthens and stretches muscles, improves balance and coordination, and encourages learning. Unlike most therapies, therapeutic riding is fun, while it also produces results. Benefits of therapeutic horseback riding are physical, cognitive, and psychosocial. Participants in the Ride-A-Thon/Walk-A-Thon may begin at either 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. Minimum pledge is $25 for walkers, $50 for riders. Riders must bring their own horses, Lunch will be provided, along music by DJ Dean, and prizes will be awarded to high fundraisers. For information and pledge sheets, call 845-986-6686, or visit online at