No Vertebrae rocks the Fredon School

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:39

FREDON — No Vertebrae, a local ska band, recently performed at the Fredon School for the fourth, fifth and sixth grade students. Band members include Brian and Andrew Westervelt, Ian Ferguson and Casey Dziuba. All four are former Fredon School students who currently attend Kittatinny Regional High School. At the Fredon School they were taught music under the direction of Mrs. Patti Spyer, who was both their instrumental and choral instructor. The band performed a few covers and three original songs. They answered student's questions and explained how music is like a language that translates from one instrument to another. The band told students how important music is in their lives and how they are all very involved in the music program at their current school. The Fredon students sang along for the last song.