Safety 101

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:14

    Andover-Before they even enter kindergarten, children of the Andover Township school district are taught about safety issues. A group of soon-to-be kindergartners participated in a two-week safety session entitled Safety Town. The classes were held at the Florence M. Burd School, Each day of the program featured a special guest, as well as a daily visit from an officer of the Andover Township Police Department. Bicycle, bus, and seatbelt safety were just of a few of the many topics the children learned about before they graduated from the program last Friday. Guests of the program included Smokey Bear, the Lakeland Emergency Squad, lifeguards, a local veterinarian, and members of the Andover Fire Department. In addition, a kindergarten bus driver taught the children bus safety, the school's technology supervisor discussed computer safety, and a local Sprint representative taught telephone safety and how to dial 911. "We know the program has an impact on the children," said School Nurse Pat Bloxham about the Safety Town program. "When I teach a safety lesson in health class, the children will tell me that they already knew that from safety town." Last Thursday, members of the fire department taught fire safety, and allowed the children to take a tour of a fire truck. On the same day, Patrolman Rod Mosner of the Andover Police Department helped gather fingerprints and DNA samples from the children to help create Child Identification kits. Earlier in the week, representatives of the police department had helped to direct traffic in a makeshift miniature town where the children rode bicycles. "It's important that the kids be familiar with the police and fire departments," said Mosner. As part of Safety Town, the children also learned about electrical safety, poisons, and stranger danger. "This is a great learning experience for the youngsters, said School Superintendent Jerry Clymer. "Before they come to kindergarten, this gives them the feeling of familiarity and belonging."