Saving their memories for the future

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:50

    BYRAM-When you are nine, five years is an eternity. But even at this tender age, the third grade students in Carrie Lawrence's class understand they are embarking in a journey with no return. So to remember who they are now and see how much they will change in five years, the Byram students gathered their thoughts and wrote messages to their future selves. The messages were placed in a time capsule that was buried before the students left for summer vacation. "We will see how much our work has changed, our drawing has changed and if our favorite color stayed the same," said Kevin, one of the students in the class. "I think I am going to be really smart. I am going to be taller and going to want more things," said Tara predicting what she will be like in five years when the capsule is opened. "And I am going to have a lot more friends." "I think I am going to look like my mommy," said Kiandra. The project was organized by Lawrence, and by Mark Sowinski, the father of one the students. The capsule is slated for opening in 2010 when the current third-graders will be getting ready for their move to the high school. "When we open it, they will be preparing for high school," said Lawrence. "They will see how things have changed over the years. That what is important to them right now may not be then. They will learn what really matters." The halls are empty now at the Byram Lakes School. The children are all enjoying their summer break. Outside in a small side garden surrounded by flowers the students planted sits a stone plaque with the inscription: Ms. Lawrence ‘04-'05 Class Open 2010. Deep inside, a treasure awaits the day when Ms. Lawrence's students will return for their memories.