Sixth Graders Move up

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:49

    KITTATINNY-Kittatinny Regional High School recently celebrated "Move Up" Day in preparation for next year's seventh grade students. Teachers, senior peer leaders, and a handful of junior high students welcomed students from the sixth grade classes in Fredon, Hampton, Sandyston, and Stillwater. The visitors were guided to the auditorium where they heard the rules and regulations that they would face in September as junior high students. Four Kittatinny students who had been in their shoes this time last year were on hand to give some advice: Robert Chirico explained the sports and extracurricular activities that were available; Grace Esposito detailed a typical day at school; Cort Enoksen spoke about his memory of his first day at Kittatinny; and Ava Grossman reviewed the entire first year. Guidance counselor Mike Parichuk coordinated the event, which included lunch and a quick tour of some of the classrooms.