Sparta Man Puts TV on the Web

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:58

SPARTA - There are daily encounters which pass through us, and we may think about them for a moment or two. Or those encounters, which may be inspirational, can resurface with another spontaneous or errant thought. Vic Campbell witnessed an encounter recently, and he’s gone back to try save its essence with his video camera. Campbell is a media producer and an adjunct professor at Sussex County Community College, and he’s always looking for positive content for his web-based outlet, Eggzono TV. Campbell’s son, upon having his braces removed, recently listened to Lawrence Harte, an orthodontist, give his three-minute philosophical, farewell speech on life, and Campbell wanted to ensure this did not go unnoticed. So with his mission to entertain and serve the public with knowledge, Campbell has gone back to Harte’s office and videotaped his speech with another patient and added it to his website. In Sussex County there is no public access TV, but Campbell wants his website to be a stepping stone in that direction. “The idea is to run it like a public access TV station,” he said. Campbell is encouraging all video producers to feed him content which will benefit the community, whether it’s an interview with public officials or say that of a scholar-athlete. On his website, you’ll find an Army broadcaster’s blog, local history and a story of Tripod Rock. To try and entertain, Campbell even shot a piece in June of his cat chasing a chipmunk around a car. “The easy way to approach it is to do it as a video blog,” said Campbell. Eggzono is Campbell’s inventive word play for not, eggs meaning X on O, or X with a line over O, meaning not TV. As broadband and DSL access to the internet grows in the region, Campbell is hoping to catch this wave, so he can turn his site into a non-profit organization that serves the public or share with it Sussex County Community College, so he can offer seminars to aspiring video producers. And to link his viewers to certain areas, Campbell wants to use area codes, such as 973, so viewers can find news and features in their areas on channel 973. Outside that area code, Campbell wants to use channel 1000 to broadcast content from areas beyond this vicinity. Campbell’s recent endeavor with Eggzono TV began years ago with a website, , that is dedicated to letting anybody upload their video to the web, so it can be accessed by the internet community. But with broadband and DSL in their public infancy then, Campbell has had to wait for technology to catch up to his ideas. “I did it five years ago,” he said, “but it was way too soon.”