Hardyston hosts 40th annual tourney

Hardyston. Hardyston Township Middle School hosted its annual 40th annual basketball tournament. Vernon won the boys' title and Frankford won the girls' title.

| 14 Feb 2020 | 02:13

    The Hardyston Township Middle School hosted its 40th Annual Basketball Tournament from Feb. 3-7.

    The tournament included boys and girls teams from Franklin, Andover, Byram, Frankford, Green Hills, Hamburg, Hardyston, Kittatinny, Lafayette, Newton, Ogdensburg, Stanhope, Sussex Christian, Sussex Wantage, Sussex Charter and Vernon.

    Team trophies were awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. Trophies were also awarded to students selected as All County Team Players and MVP.

    1st Place – Vernon
    2nd Place – Sussex Wantage
    3rd Place – Lafayette
    4th Place – Hardyston
    All County Team Players
    Owen Lally - Vernon
    Franco Luna – Vernon
    Mason Mericle – Sussex Wantage
    Matt Sabato – Lafayette
    Nick Gibson – Hardyston
    Ben Jurewicz – Vernon
    1st Place - Frankford
    2nd Place - Kittatinny
    3rd Place – Lafayette
    4th Place – Byram
    All County Team Players
    Brianna Francois - Frankford
    Leah English – Frankford
    Laney Keates – Kittatinny
    Kelsey Birchenough – Frankford