Records fall, new heart center gains from stampede

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:49

    NEWTON-Former Newton Memorial High School standout, Ray Biersbach came home to be a hero on Saturday, June 4th, by winning the 10th Annual Stillwater Stampede's 5-Kilometer Race, and taking down a 5-year-old course record set by running great, Olympian Marcus O'Sullivan. Biersbach, who now runs for Brooks Manhattan, ran 15:21.87 to beat O'Sullivan's 15:42 park 5-kilometer record. "It's always great to come home to race," Biersbach said, "And to achieve the new course record was a big thrill." Biersbach went out in a 4:45 mile and had a 10-yard lead at the mile. He had opened it up to about 20 yards at the two-mile mark and then appeared to find yet another gear to bring it home for a 100-yard win. Biersbach walked away with $200 for his record-breaking victory. Seth Holland, a former High Point Regional celeb runner, was third, at 15:53.62. He also runs for Brooks Manhattan. Kelly Bradley, who lives in East Stroudsburg but grew up in Vernon, was the female champion. "I enjoyed the scenery, and the hills in the middle are a challenge, but the second mile is the perfect place for them." She ran for Vernon High School and now teaches and coaches in the North Warren school district. "I started the race running with one of our kids, which was great, and then worked the hills and was pleased with my finishing time." Her best time for five kilometers is 18:46, and she ran 19:00. "The times are coming down and I feel I'm getting in some good shape by racing. One of the things about this race that I think is great is that it benefits the new heart center." The new Newton Memorial Heart Center was one of the race beneficiaries, as was the Bears Youth Running Program. The hospital's chief operating officer, Sean O'Rourke, even ran the race. "This was great," he said after catching his breath and congratulating the winners, "I thought it was a nice mix with the rolling hills thrown in there." The hospital's foundation president, George Morville, was the official starter. "Certainly, we're trying to build up funds for the heart center and what better way to help the heart health of the area by participating in something that's heart healthy." Top 10 Men 1. Ray Biersbach, 25, Manhattan, N.Y., 15:21 2. John Cote, 23, Summit, 15:38 3. Seth Holland, 25, Manhattan, 15:53 4. Gary Dennis, 34, Stroudsburg, Pa., 16:12, 5. Mark Bahnuk, 25, Hackettstown, 16:56 6. Ryan Hashway, 29, East Stroudsburg, Pa., 17:01 7. Brian Schulenberg, 35, Dover, 18:09 8. Todd Miller, 34, Sparta, 18:26 9. Bill Bosmann, 54, Sparta, 18:36 10. Tim Pazoria, 14, Newton, 19:17 Top 10 Women 1. Kelly Bradley, Stroudsburg, 19:00 2. Parrin Masi, 36, Newton, 20:49 3. Mackenzie Tepel, 23, Sussex, 21:23 4. Jenny Heigis, 14, 21:44 5. Tina Flemming, 26, Newton, 21:53 6. Linda Heter, 46, Lafayette, 21:58 7. Mary Olivieri, 45, Hampton, 22:29 8. Lindsey Baker, 15, Warren, 22:41 9. Jamie Fiscus, 18, Fredon, 23:03 10. Lindsey McKee, 14, Andover, 23:07