Third-graders walk the red carpet

| 04 Jul 2019 | 10:52

On Tuesday, June 25, 2019, their last day of school, Michelle Tumminelli’s third graders walked the red carpet. The students dressed in their best, and received awards such as “The Impressive Gains Award,' and “The Considerate Friend Award," and the “Above and Beyond Award.” Each student received a different positive award based on their accomplishments and personality throughout the year.
In addition, several weeks ago, Tumminelli had every student write down a positive adjective or character trait for each of their classmates, and she created word list for every student as a keepsake from their third grade friends. The word lists were also shaped in different ways based on the students’ interests, such as a baseball player, a soccer ball, and music notes.
They used Hollywood photo booth props to take fun end of the year photos, and played movie charades. It was a fun way for the children to finish off their time in Tulsa Trail, before heading to middle school.