Stanhope discusses garbage and recycling pickup

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:33

    Water and sewer utility rents could increase Stanhope — At their Nov. 22 meeting the council discussed plans to increase their focus on recycling efforts in the borough. “I am told something like this can’t be recycled,” said resident Nancy Hoyt, holding up a Campbell’s soup can. Borough Administrator Brian McNeilly described Stanhope as “very current” with the directives they provide to residents about recycling on the borough calendar. McNeilly checked the calendar against the recycling ordinance and the information about what is recyclable from the county. Members of the council said the can could be recycled. Stanhope, like other municipalities, is concerned with the cost of tipping fees which is currently at $89 a ton and will increase to $96 per ton in 2012. “We need to push [recycling] a lot more like in the old days,” said Mayor Diana Kuncken. Kuncken and Council President Rosemarie Maio visited vendors at the League of Municipalities to brainstorm solutions. Kuncken said an official recycling can for each residence is a reinforcement possibility. “Most stuff is out of the stream, e-waste was going in the garbage, that was a lot of weight pulled out of there,” McNeilly added. He said the next topic to address is the handling of bulky items. Stanhope, however, may need to revamp their solid waste pickup program altogether, a topic their auditor Ray Sarinelli joined in on. With the increase in tipping fees and a 2 percent spending cap, the tipping fees could eventually engulf the cap. Some solutions include creating a garbage utility, charging a trash fee, or eliminating pickup altogether and having residents choose a pickup carrier. In other business Due to expenses outweighing revenue in sewer and water rents in Stanhope, the council discussed with Sarinelli a possible increase in sewer and water rents over the next few years. Sarinelli said it has been approximately 14 years since there has been an increase in water rents and the last sewer rent increase was in 2006. He also said the average user pays $75 a quarter. Adding another $15 per quarter was discussed as one possibility. The council will also be reviewing upcoming infrastructure projects and working to prioritize them. A resident asked if Canfield Street will be repaved before winter sets in. “We made an honest, honest, effort,” said McNeilly. The road was patched and with the recent hurricane, tropical storm and nor’easter, borough employees have been contending with storm cleanup over the last three months, McNeilly said. Councilwoman Doreen Thistleton was sworn in as a result of the November election. Borough Hall will close early on Friday, Dec. 16. It will also be closed all day on Friday, Dec. 23, and Monday, Dec. 26.