Stanhope Firemen to Reach New Heights with Ladder Truck

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:58

STANHOPE - The new fire truck that the borough has been awaiting arrived last week just in time to make its debut at the Sussex County Fireman’s Parade in Newton. Acting Fire Chief Duane Connor said that the 75-foot aerial ladder fire truck with tank and pump will begin service in about two weeks. “We can do a lot more with it, and we can run it with shorter manpower. We have some taller buildings in areas such as High Point and Stone Gate, and the 75-foot ladder will let us reach places would couldn’t with a ground ladder,” said Connor. He added that the pumper also carries a 500-gallon water tank. Assistant Chief Mike Donahue, Engineer Mike VanAuken, and Connor were involved in the project from its inception in February 2005. The committee developed the specifications for the equipment and in meeting with the Safety Council developed the ideal vehicle for Stanhope. Connor said the safety council, consisting of council members Brian Murphy and Ed Schwartz and Borough Administrator Teri Massood, “was behind us 100 percent.” He praised the borough council for their help in advancing the process to purchase the equipment. The almost 25-ton truck’s engine has 450 horsepower and carries a cab that seats six. The 75 foot aerial ladder is all aluminum, and there are a number of state-of-the-art features that will contribute to the safety of both the borough and the fire department. The equipment was purchased from the Absolute Fire Protection Company, Inc. in the amount of $555,996.00. Stanhope has maintained up-to-date equipment for its fire department, but the new vehicle will further satisfy the present needs of the borough. Borough Clerk Antoinette Battaglia said, “There has been development within the town including an increase in new homes with more people and more places to serve,” and the new vehicle will allow the department to better protect its residents. As this week is designated Fire Prevention Week in New Jersey, members of the fire department will be visiting pre-schools, day care, and Valley Road School with a message for the children.