The borough's new 4x4

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:46

    STANHOPE-The next winter's snow won't be as much of a challenge to the borough's Department of Public Works, not with the addition of a new Sterling L7500 five-yard capacity dump truck to the fleet of work vehicles. Recently, the borough advertised for bids on the contract to supply the truck. The sole bid, in the amount of $98,595, was received from Condit Truck Center in Newton. DPW Superintendent William Storms noted that Condit is consistently the low bidder in these transactions and provides vehicles to many municipalities in Sussex County. The truck will be outfitted with an 11-foot funnel plow and will be not only be used for plowing and sanding, but, "It will be a full-use truck," said Storms. The present fleet consists of three five-yard and two two-yard dump trucks, two back hoes, three pick-ups, and a utility truck. The new vehicle, which is in the process of being custom outfitted, will be delivered sometime in May of this year. Specifications were drawn to the specific needs of the department, and the vehicle cannot simply come "off the lot." "This truck will really enhance our capabilities," said Storms. "It will make the department much more versatile."