The Real Scoop on Cafeteria Food

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:15

    For some time now airline food and the school cafeteria menu conjured up the same thought … Yuck! While officials argue if the lunches students eat meet basic Food Pyramid standards or they're just the cuisine equivalent of a quick fix, The Township Journal went to the real experts - the students - to dish out the real truth behind the cafeteria doors. "I love the nachos at our school, but I think the sauce should be a little less spicy. The white pizza is great though." Sarah Granelli "I love all of it! There's a lot of food and it's all good. No complaints." Christopher Carl "My advice to the cafeteria ladies is to cut the lettuce smaller. It's sometimes embarrassing to try to eat such big pieces! However, I love the soup, but ease up on the chicken noodle soup. You can get chicken nuggets, a salad bar, tacos, pizza, a lot of things." Gina Ni Nunzia "The mashed potatoes are really good because they're creamy and the gravy is great. There's a good variety to choose from." Tasha Pavlichko "The french fries are the best. I also like the breakfast our school has. It's worth going to school early for. You can get omelets, muffins, bagels, home fries, cereal and juices." Jimmy Hamill Vending machines are also available at Lenape Valley high school for the less healthy, yet very desirable snack choices, of chips and candy. The cafeterial also offers a wide variety of drinks including milk shakes, slushies, and ice crea