Town and state add 47 acres to Lodestar Park in Fredon

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:42

    FREDON — Fredon Township recently purchased and preserved a second property to be added to Lodestar Park. With assistance from the Land Conservancy of New Jersey and the NJ Green Acres program, the township's Open Space Trust Fund was used to purchase the property. The addition significantly enlarges the park and increases the recreational activities available at the park for local residents. Located along Paulinskill Lake Road, the property will allow for expansion of the developing trail network in Lodestar Park as well as protecting its scenic and environmentally sensitive land. In 2008 the township purchased and preserved the 16 acre former Freeborn property which expanded Lodestar Park and provided the township with space for a trail that leads to the stream and hemlock ravine now located within the park. "Fredon Township is very excited over the recent acquisition of 47 acres adjacent to Lodestar Park. Not only will this land serve to expand our park, but it will also help to implement our plans for connecting trails throughout the township. With the assistance of the Land Conservancy and funding from both grant monies and our Open Space Trust, we were able to add this valued land to our inventory," said Sandy Coltelli, Fredon Township Open Space Chairperson. Sandy Urgo, Land Preservation Manager at the Land Conservancy of New Jersey, said the park "has been developed with respect for its environs and its past, and as a result it creates a sense of place for a wonderful community. If you want to know about Fredon Township, go to Lodestar Park." The Land Conservancy of New Jersey is celebrating its 30th anniversary as a non profit member supported organization dedicated to preserving and protecting New Jersey's vital natural lands and drinking water resources. To date, the Conservancy has helped preserve over 18,000 acres of critical open space lands and helped towns receive more than $220 million for their land conservation projects. Accredited by the National Land Trust Accreditation Commission in 2009, the Conservancy joins 135 organizations nationwide who meet the highest quality standards for protecting open space, upholding public trust, and ensuring that conservation efforts are permanent. For more information, please visit or call 973-541-1010.