Two-win weekend for Newton Lenape Valley hockey

| 15 Feb 2012 | 11:28

    NEWTON — On Jan. 20, the Newton Lenape Valley (NLV) ice hockey team routed Highpoint 10-1. Goalie Nick Pitch only allowed one goal out of 21 shots taken by Highpoint. Brett Conrads contributed two goals in the first period, with one assisted by Ian Dykstra. In the second period, Brett Conrads had two more goals, one assisted by Troy Zellers and the other by Ian Dykstra, giving Conrads the hat trick. Ian Dykstra had a goal assisted by Conrads, and Kyle Weiss also had a goal in the second period assisted by Zack Pavlishin. Abati from Highpoint scored a goal in the second period assisted by Welch and DePiano. In the third period, Dykstra scored another goal assisted by Troy Gallagher. The other goals were by Steven Schumann assisted by Zack Pavlishin, and Kyle Weiss assisted by Schumann and Conrads. Newton Lenape Valley continued its winning weekend by taking a 5-3 win over their rivals at Sparta High School. In the first period of that game each team scored a goal. The NLV goals were scored by Dykstra, assisted by Trautz, and Sparta's goals came Almmte, assisted by Ziegenfuss. NLV's Brett Conrads and Kris Trautz started the second period with a goal each, making the score 3-1. Sparta then came back with two more goals to tie it up. In the third period, NLV won a triumphant victory over Sparta with two more goals by Conrads and Dykstra, finishing the game at 5-3. This was the second victory NLV has had over Sparta as they continue their great season on the ice.