Wizardry in Motion

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:47

    BYRAM-On Saturday March 19, with over 1,000 people watched the Harlem Wizards Basketball team rolled into Lenape Valley Regional High School to play the Byram Fire Department in a charity game. The Byram Fire Department all-star team put up a fight but in the end the Wizard's skill and talents brought them to victory. The comedy act lead by Wizard's player Tojo Herderson, had many audience members laughing at the very firefighters who protect their town. At one point in the game the Wizard's entire team sat down on the court while a firefighter struggled to get a basket. The Wizard's eventually escorted the firefighter to the stands and told him he was better suited for watching the game. The Charity basketball game was organized by the newly formed Byram Township Auxiliary Response Team. The organization assists the fire department during emergencies.