An Original Thanksgiving organized by Winakung at Waterloo

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:20

    As chairperson of the Friends of Waterloo Village, I would like to congratulate Winakung at Waterloo for the fine educational event they organized on November 12, An Original Thanksgiving. Although it was erroneously noted in the November 17 edition of the Township Journal (An Original Thanksgiving) as being organized by Friends of Waterloo Village, we want to be sure that it is clear that the two organizations work toward the same goal of preserving Waterloo Village but with very distinct missions. The mission of Friends of Waterloo Village is to identify resources and secure funding that will be used specifically for the systematic restoration and sustainability of the various buildings and structures located in the historic district. Winakung at Waterloo is working toward the educational needs of the community by currently developing and implementing educational interpretive programs and outdoor experiences for all ages and providing an appreciation and understanding of the woodland environment and Native American life in New Jersey. Marie Raffay Chairperson, Friends of Waterloo Village