Find the Courage to stop bullying

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:42

    Thanks to all in the community who attended the Find the Courage basketball 3x3 tournament. This program is vital to help youth who are victimized by bullying. Find the Courage is a program educating youth to the need for tolerance in dealing with their peers. Bullying has reached epidemic proportions and there are far too many teens committing suicide because they can’t take one more day of constant teasing, threats of violence or embarrassing statements about them on social media. The tournament was to educate local athletes to sign a pledge to not participate in such negative activity and to Find the Courage to stand up and stop bullying. Bullying is amplified by passive people who join in or laugh or simply do nothing. We are all responsible to stop harassment when we see it and we need to Find the Courage to stop it. Bright orange bracelets and T-shirts with Find the Courage were provided to all participants. I also ask the local athletic departments at our schools to encourage joining the Find the Courage pledge. Middle school athletes and varsity players on the high school level are fortunate to have the athletic gifts that enable them to participate on such a level. To whom much is given, much is expected. Can’t we expect these athletes to Find the Courage to stop bullying when they see it? I believe it’s our obligation and certainly wearing a varsity letter should mean something. At the very least it should mean that those who are in trouble can depend on a varsity member to help their fellow students no matter how different they are from what some deem the norm. Please encourage your children to Find the Courage and make this world a better place. To get more information you can google pacer find the courage or make inquiry at Dream Field. Chuck McGivney Sparta