Check out many sources before you act

Byram /
| 01 Feb 2024 | 02:35

    I read with interest Becca Tucker’s article “Surprise! You wrote a letter to the editor.”

    It was very thorough and laid out a big problem, but I did not see anything about what Straus News will do to stop this activity.

    These privately funded programs like Stand Up America are filled with divisive talk that stirs up segments of the population to allow themselves to be used by hidden operatives. Creating false letters to editors are only one method.

    I have to say that with the two-page spread with colored photos, it gave the impression that this was a good thing.

    It is sad when good-hearted people are led to believe things and act on them without really knowing their source.

    We are living in a kind of Wild West of information right now with AI added to the confusion.

    Honestly, checking out many views before acting is our only defense.

    Luann Byrne