Ecologists know it's not about 'forest stewardship' on Sparta Mt.

| 21 Feb 2017 | 02:06

    Sparta Mountain, a healthy High Conservation Value forest, is home to 81 rare, threatened, endangered, and special concern species. When creating the logging plan, NJDEP and plan authors NJ Audubon did not evaluate the thin, rocky soils that formed recent landslides. They did not survey the interior forest species populations, so they can’t even measure the negative impacts that logging is having on them. They were not aware of the more than 30 vernal pools on Sparta Mountain even though they are shown on NJDEP maps. They did not consider the impacts to this Highlands forest’s ability to provide drinking water to 70% of the state. This is negligence by the very department and organization that are supposed to protect the state’s environment in the first place.
    We have hiked the previous clear-cuts and have aerial photos showing high intensity logging and minimal plant growth. Deer ticks are thriving & the soil is disturbed.
    Learn from three PhD forest ecologists why it makes no sense to create habitat for some species, to the detriment of the ones that live there now, to potentially compromise the drinking water to >6.2M NJ residents and to do more harm than good. Watch
    Silvia Solaun
    On behalf of the Friends of Sparta Mountain