It’s good to hear everyone’s opinion

| 21 Jul 2023 | 05:10

    I would like to respond to Sue Martin’s letter in the July 20-26 edition where she berates you for doing your job. (I am assuming her pronouns based on her name.)

    It almost cracked me up that she is complaining about you choosing to give another resident a voice, as if that is not one of the jobs of the media.

    I would have actually laughed out loud if I had not been moved to tears by her hypocrisy.

    The best line: “One area man decided to vent his personal feelings of intolerance toward his fellow human beings ... ,” while venting her personal feelings of intolerance against that man (and those who choose his side).

    She has the right to be published but he does not?

    So sad that some think that only one side gets to speak. So sad that there can be no differences of opinion in the small insular world of some. So sad that one side can be totally intolerant of others with a different take on life while the other side is not even allowed to voice disgust or disdain for something they find abhorrent.

    To answer Ms. Martin’s question: They are not obligated to print anything. Offensive is in the eye of the reader.

    Susie, it isn’t their job to make sure you aren’t offended. You found the gentleman’s letter offensive; I find yours offensive.

    So, printing anything and everything that falls within their guidelines is up to them. Don’t try to make sense of it; just recognize that the world does not revolve around you or your ideology.

    Keep fighting for what you think is correct but do not demand anyone follow you or have their voices quashed if they do not agree with you.

    Township Journal, keep up the good work of getting the different voices of everyone out there.

    Joanne Wojcik