Letter was a fascinating work of fiction

Newton /
| 18 Apr 2022 | 02:42

    Tom Finocchio’s letter (“Conservatives and liberals both skew current events to meet their far right and far left agendas”) was, to say the least, a fascinating work of fiction. To say the most, it was completely biased.

    He seemed more interested in attacking what he calls “mainstream media” - which, in his view, is every news outlet except Fox, OAN, and Newsmax - the propaganda wings of the Republican party. Claiming “there has been a concerted effort to both propagate misinformation and to suppress true stories that do not fit their narrative”, Finocchio launches into an attack on Hunter Biden - who is not a government official - and President Biden, who has been investigated and cleared of any illegal activity by Trump’s own Justice Department. But let’s not let facts get in the way, right, Tom?

    Then he whines about what he calls “the completely unfair treatment given to Nick Sandmann and Kyle Rittenhouse.” One was a disrespectful punk, and the other a murderer. Only a rigged trial and a mentally incompetent judge spared Rittenkiller from the life sentence he so richly deserved. Hey Tom, do you think OJ is innocent, too?

    And finally, with typical right-wing “whataboutismt”, Finocchio actually claims that the voting laws in Georgia are not racist. Only a conservative true believer would make that claim. So why not move there, Tom? Seems like they’re your kind of people.

    Oh yeah--”During Trump’s presidency mainstream media stories about Trump were 95% negative and only 5% positive”. As opposed to the Fox propaganda machine which promoted the idea of Trump’s face on Mount Rushmore? Exactly what positive things did Trump accomplish - besides treason, insurrection, numerous violations of the Enoulments Clause and Hatch Act, and the lowest approval ratings for a president in history? Oh, wait - those are all negative things, and they actually happened!

    I suggest, Tom, that you try opening your eyes. You might actually see the truth.

    Michael Schnackenberg