Looking back was good for Coke, Germany

Newton /
| 03 Apr 2024 | 04:01

    It is said, “Ignorance can be educated, crazy can be medicated, but there is no cure for stupid.”

    At least one of these three points can easily be applied to the many voters who supported America’s current president.

    (Joe) Biden supporters who were ignorant that America didn’t need a border wall to secure its southern border and it wasn’t necessary to be energy-independent have now been educated that former President Trump was right about those issues; unfortunately, it took a migrant invasion and high gas and food prices to educate them.

    Biden supporters who go crazy at the mere mention of the name Trump or MAGA should make a effort to compose themselves and not act like a mental case in public.

    Hopefully in the near future, big pharma develops a vaccine for Trump Derangement Syndrome so these individuals are able to medicate and lead normal lives.

    As far as the claim stating there is no cure for stupid; that’s not up for debate because ol’ Joe still has some supporters.

    One of the characteristics of an opinion letter submitted by a supporter of the current administration is the absence of achievements by the president; that’s because a single sentence wouldn’t make much of a letter.

    Instead, the writer makes erroneous lies about the opposition, such as a recent letter bashing MAGA supporters for looking back to a time not so long ago when America wasn’t unraveling at the seams.

    One sentence says: “There are no entities that have ever succeeded or societies that have ever flourished by looking back.”

    Thank god the Coca-Cola Co. looked back after introducing New Coke in 1985.

    Germany’s society can be grateful their country looked back to a time before Hitler and realized not to repeat the Führer’s ways again after being defeated in World War II, and they have flourished since.

    Tris Tristram