Need to learn from history

Newton /
| 29 Sep 2023 | 01:01

    I caught a few “highlights” of the Republican candidates “debate.”

    It sounded something like the British Parliament “discussing” some controversial issue.

    Debate is defined as a “formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly in which opposing arguments are put forth.”

    So, what was put forth by the presidential hopefuls? What is the issue they were supposedly discussing? Is it really former President Trump as one might surmise from the number of times his name came up?

    Can the present state of our country be summed up in one issue?

    In my humble opinion, the issue is that of the battle against the forces of evil incarnate, Satan embodied in our own government and world would-be government.

    For no good reason, we are suffering from the deceit that oil and gas production will be the end of the earth, that there is no longer he or she but 100 choices for “gender identity,” that 5-year-olds need to be taught about these “choices” and this educating needs to continue through all 12 years of public school paid for by you and me. That it is good to kill babies, our children.

    The issue is saving our children or giving them to the state. Speaking up, accepting persecution if we do. History repeats itself unless we learn from it.

    Darlene Scarince