Ray Mueller sounds reasonable, but...

| 12 Jul 2021 | 05:51

    To the Editor:

    In rebuttal to Ray Mueller’s letter (“Supporters of democracy needed”), I would just like to say that what he wrote sounds reasonable, but the fact of the matter is that from the time President Trump became the nominee for President the Democratic Party did everything in their power to destroy him, and his family, starting with false allegations of Russian Collusion and a phony dossier bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton.

    This cost hard-working Americans millions of dollars. Then we had Maxine Waters egging on her followers to harass people of the other party, and to “impeach 45”!

    It just seems odd that you would point to Republicans to have principles and integrity when for over four years the country saw none of those traits from the Democratic Party.

    Carol DelGuercio