Thanks to Kittatinny teachers, staff

Newton /
| 09 Sep 2023 | 09:55

    As students, parents and educators prepare for the return to school this fall, I’d like to thank the teachers and support staff of Kittatinny Regional High School for providing an amazing education for my daughter, a 2023 graduate.

    She greatly benefited by having teachers who are highly knowledgeable in their fields, versed in educating different learning styles, and compassionate and dedicated to their students.

    Kittatinny’s skilled and committed support staff played a critical role in providing a strong high school education as well.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge just a few of the many educators that excel in meeting students’ needs.

    First was the physics teacher who used hands-on lessons and labs to encourage student motivation and involvement for learning challenging topics. Her unwavering understanding and grace as students returned to school post-pandemic created a community of enthusiastic learners in her classroom.

    Also impactful was the literature teacher who embedded invaluable skills into lessons and developed a wide knowledge base for the students to become literate citizens. This teacher always sent weekly email updates to parents and guardians because he recognized, “Communication is key. Parental involvement is one of the best indicators of student success.” So very true!

    I would not be able to write a letter of gratitude without recognizing the truly amazing leader of the band. As an instrumental teacher and head of the marching band, he served as a model of leadership and guided the musicians to become responsible, involved and outgoing young adults.

    And finally, there is the anthropology teacher who sought out ways to connect with his students. By versing himself in their musical tastes and favorite musicians, he developed a strong rapport with his class and therefore encouraged them to put great effort and care into their studies.

    None of the teaching and learning, the growing and educating, would be possible without the support staff of KRHS. The custodians, maintenance, secretaries and paraprofessionals exhibit their dedication every day at all hours. They stay late and come in on weekends to make sure the school and grounds are neat, clean, and physically up and running.

    They support learners so they can be successful and included. They make sure all procedures and activities run smoothly. The support staff members are the glue that holds everything together.

    Thank you Kittatinny teachers and staff for all you have done and continue to do for the students in our community. Your commitment and care is greatly appreciated.

    Jessica Storch