Trump’s many accomplishments

| 07 Sep 2023 | 07:06

    In response to the “Pay attention” letter in the Aug. 31-Sept. 6 issue:

    First of all, I laud the Township Journal for printing Mr. (Pieter) Uptegrove’s letter and my own, if you are reading it now, especially because freedom of speech and freedom itself is under attack in the “land of the free.”

    However, I do take issue with the unusually long letter, not really the length, but the content and viewpoint.

    President Trump came into office and immediately signed a great number of executive orders that I agreed with on the whole. President Biden immediately negated all of them with a greater number I did not agree with. I voted for President Trump reluctantly in 2016 and wholeheartedly in 2020.

    His accomplishments in his four-year term included 400 miles of the wall and his deal with Mexico to hold immigrants there, brought us close to oil independence with increased production and low prices, appointment of three pro-life Supreme Court justices, deregulation that helped businesses and the economy, brought the military back after the Obama years weakening our armed forces, etc. He brought love of country, optimism and faith in God back from Obama’s eight-year reign, bowing to our enemies and giving mucho tax dollars to our enemies.

    Darlene Scarince