What to ban next

| 09 May 2022 | 04:42

    The conservatives are bemoaning that someone had the audacity to leak the current draft opinion in progress by the Supreme Court regarding overturning the half century old ruling by the Supreme Court that Roe vs Wade is law. This has been a campaigning issue for Republicans for decades. No conservative is complaining that the Court is leaning that way and the fact about the Court’s decision, give or take edits, are true but just that someone spilled the beans that they are going to actually do what they have been saying what they have been wanting to do is their issue now. Not the opinion, but who spilled the beans.

    Each Supreme Court judge nominee under oath accepted that Roe vs Wade was law when they were vetted for the Supreme Court in the Senate during their confirmation hearing. Did all of their opinions change just now that they have a majority in the court or did they all just lie under oath at their confirmation hearings to get the job?

    Now with this revelation some states are beginning to plan on more expansive mandates such as no abortion for any reason plus banning contraceptives. It’s puzzling to me that for these same conservatives that wanted to have their freedom to not wear masks or to be vaccinated for Covid-19 because it was their body and their choice but insist that women don’t have the same freedom to decide that their body is their choice for reproduction.

    Justice Alito in his draft opinion cited that “abortion” was not in the Constitution so it can’t be a Constitutional right. Gee whiz, women weren’t written in the Constitution at all... does that mean they don’t have any constitutional rights? But women get stuck with the responsibility of child birth and child care while men can move on free!

    A simple solution to this issue is to ban sex. Yes, ban sex. If there is no sex there will not be any reason for abortions and other reproductive issues and saves on child care. This is a simple solution to solve the problem.

    Pieter W. Uptegrove